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This is a collection of short philosophical texts I wrote between the years 2004 and 2010. They served as a preparation for the Friedensmal. Later the project developed into the Jerusalem Friedensmal with the Friedensmal as its central element.

Introduction - About the Friedensmal philosophy. This are the thoughts that developed the project.

2.   Orientation - Who goes his way in the world, needs an orientation. Monuments are signposts.

3.   Culture & Art - How bad has it have to get until we allow ourselves to formulate also the detachment of terror, hatred and violence as monuments?

4.   Paradigm shift - About a necessary paradigm shift in the German culture of remembrance: a commemoration working for life.

5.   German Identity - Why does Germany need a Friedensmal? The symbolism shows a positive way to deal with the burden of the past.

6.   About Nihilism - A message for overcoming nihilism that destroys our society. A guide to a healthy cultural identity.

7.   The Symbolism - About the design elements of the Friedensmal, the meaning of numbers and the Tree of Life as a Judeo-Christian symbol.

8.   Stone Circles - Between a memorial of admonishment and Stonehenge? What the dark ring with stones within the Friedensmal really means.

9.   Development - This text is explaining the development of the Friedensmal in years. Time span: 1998 - 2010

10.  About Truth - The truth of a religion is more than a particular concept of the limited human mind that thinks about God.

11.  Being oneself - Man, striving for self-realization turns around himself and in doing so, loses himself more and more (to the ego).

12.  Heart education - Most people die without ever having lived. When will we realize that life is about learning to love?

13.  My way with Nelly Sachs - Where dust is turned to light.

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